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  • How do compression socks work?
    Compression Socks mimic the pumping action of your muscles, helping force blood upward to your heart. Our socks have a graduated compression, which means they have a moderate gradient that gets less tight as the sock goes up the leg for maximum relief of fatigue and improved circulation. This supports muscles and tendons in achieving a faster recovery.
  • How long do compression socks last?
    For optimal benefits, compression socks should be replaced approx every 6 months. Your socks will last longer if cared for properly!
  • How should I wash my TX Socks?
    We recommend: - Handwashing with cold water + like colors - Do not use bleach or fabric softener - Laying Flat OR Hang Drying (to maintain the elasticity of the compression) If machine wash/dryer is preferred, please use a mesh laundry bag to protect them. Then, dry on low heat.
  • What material are TX Socks made of?
    Our socks are made with a nylon/spandex blend!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Amazon ships to the U.S mostly, and select international areas. We can ship directly to you through Etsy!
  • Are your socks safe to wear?
    Our socks are 20-30 mmHg which delivers a firm level of compression. This compression level has been found useful for treating chronic venous insufficiency and moderate leg swelling or edema, ideal for those who are on their feet all day, pregnant, diabetic or recovering from injury. Because there are many different levels of compression, please consult with your physician to find the right compression level for you. If you have ANY medical history, such as ischemia, uncontrolled heart failure, DVTs, or/and phlegmasia coerulea dolens, etc. please consult with your physician before wearing compression socks.
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